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Tether Jewelry | 'Atlas' Earrings in Naked - Avanti Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry

Tether Jewelry 'Penrose' Septum Cuff in Rose
Quetzalli | 18K Beaded Septum Clicker
Tether Jewelry | 'Echo' Septum Cuff

"I'm still going to be happy with the fact that you made a decision on what you are confident for yourself and it just makes me even more excited"- Kara

"Genital piercings being designed specifically for trans anatomy, which is beautiful and exciting and my intention with that isn't necessary to be all evil, but it's a fun goddess too"- Silas

"I have a rainbow of balls... I feel like without that I don't really have anything that will let people know that I'm not straight and I would prefer the people to smell it without me screaming it off the rooftop."- Endy

Tether Jewelry | 'Temple' Earrings in Gold

Tether Jewelry | 'Temple' Earrings in Gold

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