Source: Piercings By Kate

"I feel good being able to educate people on that because a lot of people don't really know anything about jewelry quality."- Endy

Bezel Set Cabochon Pearl Threadless Top

Bezel Set Cabochon Pearl Threadless Top


                                      Source: Piercings By Kate

14k Gold Seam Ring
14k Gold Hinged Segment Ring
Titanium Prong Set Tear-Drop Navel Rings

"I think if people suffer from migraines, they should look into acupuncture and other holistic medicine"- Katie

"I feel like people don't realize how much of a commitment it is to have a healing piercing and how much time it takes for piercings to heal."- Endy

"I love that there's a really strong sense of community and camaraderie amongst piercers."- Endy

Quetzalli | 18K Beaded Septum Clicker
Tether Jewelry | 'Star Child' Septum Clicker

                                     Source: Piercings By Kate

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