"I didn't realize how much I rely on client interaction. They're like, hey, you pierced me or I got pierced after you left."- Shayna

"I am just so starved to help somebody like, let me see what I can do to help."- Jessica

Buddha Jewelry | 14k Gold Anoora Seam Ring
Alchemy Adornment | 14k Gold 3-Gem Seam Ring
Buddha Jewelry | Aura Weights

"To feel more like themselves you actually have to start to move them in order to help them be themselves."- Jessica

"I remember when I got mind on these insecurities and the feeling that just two little barbells can make you feel so much better about yourself."- Shayna

"That smile that I see every single time someone leaves that room tells me that even if it hurts, it's worth it."- Jessica

NeoMetal | Gem Curved Barbell (Post Only)
Quetzalli | 18K Beaded Septum Clicker
Tether Jewelry | 'Carbonado' Septum Cuff

"I just want to be a sponge and travel and meet everybody and be right over their shoulder for a day."- Shayna

"I realized more and more just how much I live and breathe piercing."- Shayna

I.S. | Gemmed Industrial Hub

I.S. | Gemmed Industrial Hub


"It's nice to go to a job where you're liked for who you are."- Jessica

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