"I think my end goal is to be a tattoo artist and a piercer and I went years which is being set on wanting to be a tattoo artist.”- Kara

14k Gold Dome Threadless Top
Titanium Prong Set Tear-Drop Navel Rings
14k Gold Fixed Bead Ring

"I didn't get a moment to embrace everything that was going on, going to work one day and then all of a sudden, like, overnight, not being able to go back to work at all.”- Kara

Glasswear Studios | 1 5/16" Tanzanite Teardrop Plug Pair
Glasswear Studios | Translucent Glass Plug Pair
14k Gold Spike Threadless Ends
Tawapa | 3 Point Earring Jackets

"...And she looks at the woman and she says these tattoos were on my heart before they ever came out in my skin.”- Jessica

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