"Facing a battle you know you're not going to win whether it be physical, mental, or whatever. If you have the sack to step up for what you believe in, that's brave, man.”- Jasper

14k Gold Nostril Nail
14k Gold Marijuana Leaf Threadless Ends
Anatometal | 14g Captive Sm Bezel-Set Gem Bead
14g Titanium Straight Barbell

14g Titanium Straight Barbell


"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. In the army, when it happens and it happens every day, you think, you improvise, and you make it happen…that attitude helped me in everyday life."- Jasper

Tether Jewelry | 'Axiom' Earrings
Local Natives | 14k Gold Genuine Opal Threadless End
14k Gold Flat Disc Threadless Top
Tether Jewelry | 'Star Child' Septum Clicker
Quetzalli | 18K Beaded Septum Clicker
Tether Jewelry | 'Chevronelle' Septum Cuff
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