“Body modifications were really a large part of me coming into the fullest expression of myself.” - Sarah

“The cool thing about what is happening in the world right now is a lot of people are finding themselves with a lot of spaciousness in time.” - Sarah

“If the environment that I'm trying to go into is not conducive to my own self-expression, then I shouldn't be there.” - Sarah

Titanium Prong Set Tear-Drop Navel Rings

Titanium Prong Set Tear-Drop Navel Rings

14k Gold Prong Set CZ Septum Clicker
I.S. | 'Odyssey' Septum Clicker
Quetzalli | 18K Beaded Septum Clicker

“If someone doesn't like the piece that you've done, then they're not the ones that the piece was for.” - Jessica

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