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    Earring Back Types: What is Threadless Jewelry?

    Have you ever experienced that pinchy feeling when your earring backs hit the sides of your head? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋Yeah, we thought so! Especially if you wear a helmet or headphones consistently - this is an all-too-familiar feeling. Luckily, threadless earrings offer comfort, security, and, of course, style. 

    Different threadless earrings

    Read on to learn more about earring back types, why we love threadless jewelry, and favorite styles from our collection at Avanti Body Jewelry.  

    Earring Back Types: Push Back to Screws to Threadless 

    Chances are your jewelry drawer or box is full of earrings with various back types. Here’s a brief breakdown of the differences between popular earring back types. 

    • Push Back

    This is probably the most common earring back type. Earrings with a push back have a butterfly-like post that you simply push the earring post through the closure and it clasps. 

    • Screw Back

    These are similar to push-back closures, except you have to spin the post or the closure to get the earring secure. 

    • Lever Back

    Lever Back earrings feature a hook that goes through the earlobe and is then held in place by a hinged lever. 

    • Fish Hook 

    Fish hooks, also known as french wire, are common for drop earrings. You simply push the post into the ear and the weight of the earring balanced and secure. 

    • Threadless, Flat Back 

    Unlike push-backs - threadless jewelry has a back that is enclosed so it feels flush or flat on the skin. The decorative piece fits into a hollow post, which stays secure because of the tension between the pin that’s slightly bent and the post.  

    Why We Love Threadless Jewelry & Earrings with Flat Back Posts 

    Between feeling more comfortable, stylish, and sanitary, there are so many reasons we love threadless jewelry. 

    • Comfort & Ease 

    As mentioned, threadless earrings don’t poke you like most traditional push-backs. That way, you can wear your jewelry on virtual meetings, planes, trains, beds, and errands with ease. 

    • Style & Secure Fit

    Overall, threadless jewelry offers a more minimalistic look from every angle. You won’t see any earring backs sticking out the back. It’s the little things!

    • Cost-Effective & More Sanitary 

    They’re also generally more cost-effective and comfortable for long-term wear, which is more sanitary since you won’t have to take your earrings on and off when they start to bother you. If you have sensitive skin - this is a game-changer! 

    How to easily change & remove threadless earrings with flat back posts 

    To easily change threadless jewelry, you can leave the post in while replacing the top portion. One post = unlimited styling possibilities! As for removing, simply push the front and the back - and pull them apart. That’s it! 

    Threadless earring styles & ideas: spikes, gemstones, and gold 

    From 14k gold to Swarovski glass, our online store of threadless jewelry is full of unique, vibrant, and classic styles. We hope our collection inspires your ear parties!

    Threadless 14k Gold Genuine Stone Cabochon Tops
    Threadless 14k Gold Bee Tops


    Threadless Swarovski Glass Cone Spike

    Shop our full collection of stylish and comfortable threadless jewelry!

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