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    Fall Jewelry Trends 2021: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, & More

    The leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air, and everyone’s clamoring to get their hands on the latest fall jewelry. Fall is here! Not to worry, there’s still time to add an array of rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces to your jewelry collection. It’s the perfect way to ring in the new season!

    Fall is one of our favorite seasons because it's all about cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice lattes and so much more! It's also a time where many people step out in their favorite jewelry pieces and so should you!

    In this post, we'll look at the most popular fall jewelry trends happening this year, like rose gold rings for your fingers or diamond studs in your ears!

    Add Some Rose Gold to Your Style

    Gold jewelry

    For fall, we all know that fall jewelry trends are always a must, and one of the hottest trends that will grace your fingers and ears this fall are posts and rings that are made of rose gold.

    Rose gold has been around for a long time now, but fall is the perfect season to bring it back because of how versatile this trend can be. It looks great with both fall colors and your favorite outfits such as sweaters, boots, and jeans.

    Plus, you know you're getting an exclusive shade of gold that has taken the world by storm. If you like bold pieces or simple ones, rose gold is the fall jewelry trend for you.

    Search around to find thin bracelets and rings that glistens in the sunlight to add to your collection.

    Here are a few examples of rose gold jewelry pieces that will go perfectly with fall outfits:

    1. Threadless 14k Gold Dome Top

    Threadless 14k Gold Dome Top

    The next time you need a mirror ball for your fall party, go with something that looks refined. You will have guests asking how they too can get their hands on one of these!

    2. Threadless 14k Gold Triple Diamond Marquis Fan Ends

    Threadless 14k Gold Triple Diamond Marquis Fan Ends

    This perfect rose gold piece, with the gorgeous mirror finish and impeccably set genuine diamonds, speaks for itself.

    Statement Jewelry Pieces: Where You Can Find Them

    Woman wearing several jewelries

    Jewelry pieces that fall into the statement jewelry category are those that usually have one dominant piece, such as a large necklace, choker, or large bright bracelet. 

    Statement jewelry items can be bigger and more dramatic than small pieces like stud earrings. But they should only make up a small portion of your jewelry collection because you shouldn't rely on them for an entire outfit.

    Included in this fall's hottest jewelry trends is the one-piece jewelry set! It's perfect not only for fall but also for other seasons to add some flair and color to any outfit.

    Stand out with these statement pieces this season:

    1. Gorilla Glass | Dichro Glass Droplet Earring Pair on Niobium

    Dichro Glass Droplet Earring Pair on Niobium

    This dangle pair is perfect for any blazing star looking to let life's little occasional water droplets keep you cool.

    2. Anatometal | 18k Gold Virtue Threadless End

    18k Gold Virtue Threadless End

    Buy with confidence, knowing that these will NEVER come undone!

    Don't Forget To Sparkle and Shine

    Another fall piece of jewelry that's trending is the addition of some sparkle and shine! It's especially popular for fall because diamonds, gemstones, and all sorts of other shiny pieces make a lovely accessory.

    Diamond studs are classic fall pieces that can be worn with casual or formal outfits, such as your favorite pair of jeans and a fall sweater or your favorite fall dress.

    1. Prong Set CZ Earring Studs with Steel Post

    Prong Set CZ Earring Studs with Steel Post

    The thing about diamonds is that they're pretty. But anyone knows the power behind just one sparkling stone.

    2. Threadless 14k Genuine AA Smoky Quartz Tops

    Threadless 14k Genuine AA Smoky Quartz Tops

    Inside every person is a little royal who deserves to sparkle - just a little.

    The Halloween Spirit is In the Air

    It's fall, so Halloween is always on our minds, and fall jewelry trends are no exception. Think about adding some pieces that have a bit of darkness to them, like skulls or crosses! Or you can use an intricately created jewelry piece that can add a wow factor to both your everyday wear or Halloween costume. 

    Experiment and have fun. Fall is the ideal time to embrace otherworldly jewelry. 

    1. Threadless 14k Gold Skull & Crossbones Tops

    Threadless 14k Gold Skull & Crossbones Tops

    There are spooky forces afoot. Here's an exquisite design, perfect for any 'spooky' theme or haunting outfit.

    2. Gorilla Glass | Textured Glass Droplet Earring Pair on Niobium

    Textured Glass Droplet Earring Pair on Niobium

    These witchy earrings will remind anyone who sees them just how effortlessly cool you are. Remember to stay true to yourself while totally owning every moment of life!

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    What is the latest jewelry trend you’ve been coveting this year?

    If you're giving your wardrobe a fall refresh this year, what kind of jewelry items will be in your fall 2021 must-haves collection? What accessories would you pair with your favorite autumn outfit for an effortless look that everyone loves seeing? Share your thoughts below!

    And if any of these fall jewelry trends are calling your name, make sure you head to our store soon before they're all gone. So what’re you waiting for?


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