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    Septum Stacks

    Septum piercings are already so incredibly versatile, we wear captive bead rings, circular barbells, clickers, pinchers, various styles of retainers, tusks… the list goes on. So it seems like stacking multiple septum rings is the natural progression for creative people with septum piercings.

    Every now and then we’ll have someone who comes in asking about getting a second piercing in their septum. Makes sense, right? They want to wear more rings, so they get more piercings. In the case of the septum, though, there’s little room in the “sweet spot” and most people can only fit one piercing. Not to worry, though. All that needs to be done is a few stretches.

    Stretching a septum piercing is commonly done in the same way folks stretch earlobe piercings. Some people want to wear thicker rings, or bigger pinchers, or those neat tusks I mentioned earlier. Some people, like me, are stretching a septum piercing specifically to stack multiple septum rings. The size you’ll need to stretch to depends heavily on what look you’ll be going for. Personally, I’m stretching up to at least 10g so that I’ll be able to wear two 18g design seam rings comfortably and without them trying to overlap on each other.

    One reason stacks are becoming so popular lately is their sheer versatility. Clickers that look like stacked rings can be quite expensive and are going to be the same forever. With stacked rings, you can switch things up for much less stress on your wallet. If you’re going for a more simple look, plain hinged rings stack beautifully and look more interesting than a single ring. If you want a punchier look, stacking clickers or ornate seam rings will create a multi-faceted, unique style all your own.

    Erika wears 5 rings in her septum stack.

    Erika wears 5 rings in her septum stack. 

    Unless you already have a stretched septum, it’s best to talk with your piercer about what size you’ll realistically need to stretch to for the stack you want to create. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as this gauge plus that gauge equals your goal size, so it’s helpful to talk to a professional.

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