EP012: More Than Just A Haircut

Jessica and Stephanie discuss how much they love what they do for their costumers and how Stephanie went from never wanting piercings or tattoos to loving them. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below!

EP007: Gigi on Art = Soul Food

Jessica and Gigi talk about how arts affect them and complete them as a person. Listen as they share the stories behind some known artists, books and paintings that are significant to our society.

EP006: Jordin On The Spiritual Side of Personal Expression

Jessica and Jordin talked about their experience at Avanti prior to Jessica joining the team! They also focused on the importance of personal expression and how it contributed to the person they are today! Stay tuned for the next episode! #iamAvanti Podcast

EP005: Interview with Piercer Katie Ragon!

Endy and Katie talk about Katie's experience in the industry. They also brush on things people should know about piercings and update everyone on how they're doing through the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for the next episode! Listen in and leave your comments below! 

EP002: A Brief History of Piercings -> What Do Piercings Mean and What Have They Meant Historically?

Kara, Silas and Endy sit down and discuss the history of piercings and where they came from. Listen in to this fascinating conversation and leave your comments and questions below!  

So....What's the Deal about Diamonds?

For centuries diamonds were considered to be one of the most expensive and most beautiful gems all over the world; but do we actually know what makes these precious gems so unique and desirable, besides the fact that they are billions of years old?

Septum Stacks

Septum stacks are a current trend that you can have a ton of fun with. Septum piercings are already so incredibly versatile, we wear hoops captive bead rings, circular barbells, clickers, pinchers, various styles of retainers, tusks…

Preparing Yourself for a Piercing

Sometimes getting a piercing can seem really scary. Most people hear horror stories about piercings from their friends, or simply, “It hurt!” This leads to most of the clients walking through our door being incredibly nervous when they don’t have to be. A little bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to getting your dream piercing, so here’s what you can do to make your experience way less stressful...

Quality Over Quantity: Why Body Art Is Worth The Investment

For every piercing studio operating at the Industry Standard, there will be several other studios operating at a lower level. If you’re not a piercer, or don’t work at a studio, it’s hard to get the right information to understand why cheaper is not always best when it comes to piercings. But that’s why I’m here. I got you.

Weights: The Past, Present, and Future of Body Jewelry

Historically, weights are one of the most well-loved styles of jewelry. The possibilities for design and shape are copious and the materials range from stones, to bronze, to silver, to wood. Some companies even fashion some beautiful pieces out of things like fossilized ammonite and Megalodon teeth. Imagine that! Freakin’ fossils. In your ears...

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