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    Mullti Prong-Set Gem Row Clicker

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    Beauty, simplicity, elegance... are these words you use to describe yourself? These gem septum clickers exude style and speak to those who want to reflect that to the world. Your septum piercing is the most prominent piece of jewelry on your face and truly speaks about how you want to be perceived by the world. What better way than showing 9 or 10 gems with their iridescent beauty in the color of your choice?

    Cast out of solid 316L Stainless Steel, these gem clickers are designed to hold their beauty and keep their beautiful shine for years to come.

    Choose between Clear, Opalite, Black, Pink, Blue, and Tanzanite 

    Wearable length is 5/16"

    Small: 1/4" drop is very short and hugs the septum piercing closely. This smaller size comes equipped with 9 gems.

    Medium: 5/16" drop is slightly longer and works great for those wanting a more prominent look or have a higher piercing. This larger size comes equipped with 10 gems.

    Any questions? We are ready to help! Call (503) 620-0110 or EMAIL :-)

    Mullti Prong-Set Gem Row Clicker
    1 Review
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    1 Review
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