Nose Rings

Here at Avanti, we carry every style of nostril jewelry available. The most popular style is our threadless pushin labrets from NeoMetal. Available in diamonds, opal and so much more. The top piece slides into that pushes into the flat back post, there is no extra material floating around in your nose and you don't ever have to worry about losing your jewelry!

The nose screw style has a hook on the end that you twist into place; they are very stable, but some find them more challenging to put in and take out. The fishtail (aka L-Bend, Nose Straight, etc.) style is popular because they are simple to get in and out, and have no extra thickness on the end like the nose bones.

Nose hoops are also incredibly popular and wonderfully edgy in a subtle or stand out kind of way depending on your style. We also offer flat nose rings and flat nose studs, as well as nose hammers, split rings and captive bead rings ranging anywhere from stainless steel to 14K Gold.

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..Piercing - Nostril
Nose piercing by Jasper

Everyone was very professional. The piercing was fast, easy and almost painless. Everything was clean and well sterilized.


Looks good, great quality, fits smoothly.

Piercing - Industrial
Absolutely perfect!

The service was top tier and very professional, everything was very clean and well taken care of with friendly staff. The piercing looks amazing and has had no complications at all during the healing process! I definitely plan to come back for my next piercing.

..Piercing - Helix

..Piercing - Helix

great, clean space with great jewelry!

whenever I've gotten jewelry from here and had them put it, I've never had an infection which I'm prone to and they look great! my go-to since they were a kiosk!