Tawapa has been a woman-owned and run company for nearly 20 years. They are named after the commune in the American South West where theirowner/designer Phoebe Durland was raised, which gets its name from the Hopi word for "sun-spring."
They began as one of the first companies to produce high quality and thoughtfully designed earrings for the piercing community. Through theirpioneering work in this industry, theyhave established their own niche in the piercing world, as well as the high fashion mainstream.
Their innovative collection of contemporary tribal body jewelry is handmade by artisans who they have been working alongside for the last two decades. Each piece is carved, detailed and finished meticulously by hand, and this process allows their unique organic piercings to truly shine. They make gorgeous silver piercings, as well as gold piercings and other types of body jewelry inspired by the American Southwest.

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