Identify Metal Irritations

What metal irritates skin the most?

Nickel is the most common material that can impact your skin’s health. I remember when I first got my ears pierced, with a piercing gun (I didn’t know better at the time! Please NEVER use a piercing gun!) and little did I know the posts were made out of nickel. The skin grew over the backs of my earrings and we had to struggle to get them out and let them close up. As I waited for my lobes to heal, guess what, it happened again! After that we discovered I was allergic to nickel.

We ended up going to a new place with higher quality materials and had ZERO issues after that! Third time’s a charm!

How to spot irritation in your piercings

It is pretty simple to spot the irritation. There will be redness, itching and flakey skin. Often people will ignore these symptoms as part of the “healing process” but don’t brush it off! Your skin is telling you there is a problem. Remove the piercing and cleanse the area. The longer you let it go on, it’s likely increasing the risk for infection.

What metals are best for piercings?

There are several types of metals that are best for new and existing piercings.
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Read about more types of metals that are better for your ears here

Follow the aftercare instructions

Depending on where your piercing is, the aftercare may vary. Follow your piercers instructions and don’t be afraid to call them or stop by the studio if you have any concerns. Some of the most common cleaning techniques are warm salt water, a wound-care saline solution and a gentle, fragrance free cleanser.

And for the love of all that is ‘hole-y’ (ha) make sure you book an appointment at a reputable piercing studio for the best care, quality knowledge and a positive piercing experience!



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