So, here's the deal: labrets rule. Seriously. There's just so many different piercings you can wear them in, and with just about every one of those, a well-fitted flat-back labret will not only be the most comfortable, but will also make your life just so darn easy.

You know labrets. They're the ones that have a flat plate on the back, and a gem, or design top, on the front. Their low profile design means minimal movement, which calls for minimum friction during healing of a new piercing. (Not to mention they are awesome for your nostril piercing. It's like nothing is in your nose! Try it. You'll love it. You'll never go back.) As long as you get your post-length downsized appropriately during healing, I have found labrets, through my own trial-and-error, to me the most ideal. You can wear them in the majority of cartilage piercings, your nostril piercings, your lip piercings, and even in your earlobes.

The most fun part, though? The designs! They can be either "threaded-" or "threadless-" ends. Everything from intricate little baubles to your standard discs, domes, and balls. One of my favorite things is how they can be utilized for ear projects, so you can do any size progression you want. Materials from surgical steel to 14K or 18K body-safe gold are available from all sorts of different brands, each with their own catalog of stunning designs.


@fyrebodyarts is seriously killing it with this double forward-helix and nostril piercing with tri-gem tops


@tigerlotustattoo brings us a perfect photographic example of a labret. This one is anodized purple, which really makes those opals glow, don't you think?

Basically, labrets are the best. If you have a piercing that is suitable for one, I would highly recommend looking into it. You won't be sorry.

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