So....What's the Deal about Diamonds?

So....What's the Deal about Diamonds?

For centuries diamonds were considered to be one of the most expensive and most beautiful gems all over the world; but do we actually know what makes these precious gems so unique and desirable, besides the fact that they are billions of years old? Here are some really interesting facts that might explain why over the years, a diamond has remained one of the most captivating gemstones of all times.

The long and mysterious history of diamonds started in India, where they were gathered from rivers and streams and traded in as early as the fourth century BC. At that time they were simply valued by size and were only available for a limited market, until they found their way to Eastern Europe, along with other exotic merchandise, and became fashionable accessories for European elite.

Diamonds are the hardest material in the world, 58 times harder than anything else in nature to be exact. Not a surprise since diamonds can only form under high temperature and pressure conditions that exist between 90 and 120 miles below the earth’s surface. However, there is one diamond in the sky called ‘Lucy’. It was discovered in 2007 by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and named after the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” 75% of the planet is pure diamond and it has the same diameter as Jupiter.

Today, a diamond is known as the symbol of love, making it the ideal gift for a special occasion. Perhaps, the earliest link between diamonds and romantic love comes from Romans and Greeks, who believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods or splinters from falling stars and Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. The first diamond actually given as an engagement ring dates back to 1477, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria fell in love with Mary of Burgundy and gifted her a gold ring with an “M” formed out of diamonds.

Now something even more mind-blowing: a candle flame contains millions of small diamonds. Yes, you read that right! How awesome is that? According to Wuzong Zhou, a professor of chemistry at the University of St Andrews, around 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles can be found in a candle’s flame. Therefore, proposing to your loved one while having a candlelight dinner makes it even more romantic and special.

When getting married, you promise each other that you will only be parted by death. But death does not have to equal losing the connection with your loved ones. Nowadays there is an option to turn the ash of those you care about into a diamond. Since diamonds are just pressurized carbon atoms, and our body is about 18% carbon, scientists were able to find a way to turn the remains of a loved one into a man-made diamond. That is a great option for someone who wants to keep the everlasting connection and cherish those who passed away.

In the past 50 years diamond knowledge has incredibly expanded and these facts are just a little introduction to its wide history. There are diamonds in the sky and underneath the earth, so why not put some in your body? Our carefully selected pieces hand set and polished are the perfect adornment for any piercing. Whether you are celebrating a connection with your partner; or expressing your own style, it’s safe to say that the symbolism and beauty in diamonds is perfect for the occasion.

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