Weights: The Past, Present, and Future of Body Jewelry

Weights: The Past, Present, and Future of Body Jewelry

Weights are pieces of jewelry, worn in healed earlobes that have been stretched. Some materials are obviously heavier than others, but the idea across the board is that weighted plugs leave an open space in your lobe, showing off your stretched ears.

Historically, ear lobe weights are one of the most well-loved styles of jewelry. There are relics from long gone cultures that prove these were the style of choice for many a human.The variety available today from all the amazing body jewelry companies out there is astounding. Every jewelry company has their own definitive style when it comes to weights, so it's super fun to find your ideal pair. The possibilities for design and shape are limitless and the materials range from stone, to brass, to silver, or glass. Some companies even fashion some beautiful pieces out of things like fossilized ammonite and Megalodon teeth. Imagine that! Freakin’ fossils. In your ears. These are a current staff favorite- with stunning attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship, Tether Jewelry never disappoints.

Here’s the deal, though: ear lobe weights are not for stretching. A common misconception is that weight can be a safe way to stretch, or that if you wear them your ears will stretch rapidly. However there are a few reason why that is not that case. First off, stretching this way can lead to thinning on the bottom of your earlobes or create a flat spot on the bottom of the lobe. This can make your earlobes look uneven when wearing plugs and make them weaker, making it hard to continue stretching up to larger sizes. To avoid this we normally suggest going slowly, not skipping sizes, and using a single flare plug made out of an inert and non-porous material. Personally, I love glass for this purpose.

Something else to remember is that many of the weighted plugs manufactured today aren't even heavy enough to stretch with. It’s important that you wait to wear your ear lobe weights until your ears are really comfortable at their current size. Not just so you can make sure that your lobes are healthy enough to support them, but to make sure that your ears don't shrink after wearing your weights all day. This time frame will vary person to person so listen to your body. If your pair of weights is on the heavier side then it is equally important to watch for thinning at the bottom of your earlobes, where your weights have been sitting.

Girl wearing weighted plugs

So basically, weighted plugs always look super rad. And it's a great way to show off your stretched lobes and flaunt your amazing taste in jewelry. Have you guys ever considered wearing this style of jewelry?

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