A Guide to Pavé  Jewelry: Meaning, Rings & Bands

A Guide to Pavé Jewelry: Meaning, Rings & Bands

Pavé is one of those words you’ll hear a lot if you’re a jewelry lover - but what exactly is it? And why is it so popular? We’ve got you covered on the meaning, pronunciation, and different styles of pavé jewelry. Plus, we featured our favorite pavé pieces from our Avanti Body Jewelry collection, so you can keep things sparkly on your ears, belly button, nose, and beyond.
Threadless 14k Gold Pave CZ Crescent Moon Top

What is the Meaning of Pavé Jewelry?

Pavé (pronounced “pa-vey”) is often thought of as a type of jewelry, but it’s a type of setting that is made up of small gemstones - often diamonds - that are set closely together. It’s French for street-paving, as pavé refers to the idea of “paving” a jewelry surface with gemstones. (Think: more cobblestone, less cement.)

Often the gemstones are so close together you don’t even see the surface that they’re set on. This seamless and sparkly effect makes pavé a popular choice for engagement rings and weddings bands. However, now that you know what pavé is, you’ll also notice the setting on earrings, navel rings, nose rings, and all types of jewelry.

Types of Pavé Settings: Micro Pave vs. Pave

Micro pavé settings are exactly what they sound like - smaller versions of the classic pavé setting. Not only are gemstones smaller, but the prongs that hold them are also smaller. When it comes to diamond rings in micro pavé settings, the carat weight is often 0.1 or lighter. On the other hand, classic pavé settings can hold a wide range of gemstone sizes.

Pros & Cons of Pave Settings

Like most things, there are benefits and drawbacks of pave settings to consider. See below for a few insider tips to keep in mind.

  • Pros

Take one look at jewelry in pavé settings and you’ll see how beautiful and eye-catching they are. They’re also quite popular in modern and vintage styles, so you’ll have no shortage of pieces to add to your collection.

  • Cons

Particularly rings set in pavé settings can be difficult to resize, especially if the diamonds go all the way around the circumference. Also, the gemstones can occasionally come out - so we recommend treating jewelry set in pave settings with a little extra care and attention.

Pavé Jewelry: Earrings, Clickers, and Plugs

No matter what type of sparkle suits your style - nose rings, earrings, or plugs - we’ve got jewelry in pavé settings for you. See below for some of our pavé best-sellers.

  • 24kt Gold PVD Pavé Set Gem Septum Clicker

Day or night, casual or dressy - you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous Gold Pavé Set Gem Septum Clicker. It’s a statement piece with class, style, and just the right amount of edge.

Shop the Septum Clicker.

24Kt Gold PVD Pave Set Gem Septum Clicker

  • Nipple Clicker Pair - Multi Gem

Add glam to your look with these Nipple Clickers. They’re striking with a bit of glam you’ll love wearing non-stop. Made with a single hinge - these pieces are easy to change and super secure.

Shop the Nipple Clicker Pair.

Nipple Clicker Pair - Multi Gem

  • BVLA | Og Yellow Gold Double Flare Plug Pair

For those who love an edgy and classy pair of plugs, try these 14k Gold Double Flare Plugs. They’re the perfect addition to your jewelry collection, you’ll love having them in your jewelry rotation.

Shop the Double Flare Plugs.

BVLA | 0g Yellow Gold Double Flare Plug Pair

  • Titanium Triple Row CZ Clicker

Instantly elevate your look with these Titanium Triple Row CZ Clickers. Triple the sparkle, triple the glam. Embrace each and every layer!

Shop the Titanium Triple Row Clickers.

Titanium Triple Row CZ Clicker

  • Threadless 14k Gold Pavé CZ Crescent Moon Top

This Gold Pavé CZ Crescent Moon Top is one of our absolute favorites. It’s minimalistic with just the right amount of sparkle. It fits all of the sizes of pins and bases in our threadless jewelry line.

Shop the Crescent Moon Top.

Threadless 14k Gold Pave CZ Crescent Moon Top

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