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    About Threadless Jewelry

    What is threadless jewelry?

    Threadless jewelry is an innovative system that allows you to match 1 post with unlimited tops. Whether you have a loaded ear stack or a dainty Medusa, you'll be able to switch out your vibe day to day with minimal effort by simply popping out the top and putting a new one in the same post.

    Between feeling more comfortable, stylish, and sanitary, there are so many reasons we love threadless jewelry.

    • Comfort & Ease As mentioned, threadless earrings don’t poke you like most traditional push-backs. That way, you can wear your jewelry on virtual meetings, planes, trains, beds, and errands with ease.
    • Style & Secure Fit Overall, threadless jewelry offers a more minimalistic look from every angle. You won’t see any earring backs sticking out the back. It’s the little things!
    • Cost-Effective & More Sanitary They’re also generally more cost-effective and comfortable for long-term wear, which is more sanitary since you won’t have to take your earrings on and off when they start to bother you. If you have sensitive skin - this is a game-changer!



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