The Piercing Experience You'll Love!

Warm and inviting, we are here to provide you with a unique, safe and fun experience. Whether you are looking for an ear piercing or a multi-dimensional project, we are here for you.
Health and safety are our top priority, we use the latest industry standard sanitation and sterilization methods. Including Statim autoclaves that allow us to sterilize your jewelry in about 7 minutes!
The friendliest service in Portland and the convenience of being inside Washington Square Mall, come get your piercing!
Call us at 503.620.0110
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What Piercings Do You Offer?

Ear Piercings: Lobe, Transverse Lobe, Helix, Forward Helix, Flats, Snug, Faux Snug, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Rook, Faux Rook, Conch, Daith, Industrial, Orbital.

Nose Piercings: Nostril, High Nostril, Septum.

 Facial Piercings: Eyebrow, Anti-Eyebrow, Horizontal Eyebrow, Bridge, Vertical Bridge.
Oral Piercings: Labret, Vertical Labret, Vertical Inverse Labret, Monroe, Philtrum, Vertical Philtrum, Side Bottom, Side Top, "Dahlia" Corner, Tongue.
 Body Piercings: Navel (Belly Button), Floating Navel, Nipple, Vertical Nipple. Surface and Single Point "Dermal" Piercings: Arm, Back, Chest, Face, Hip, Nape, Torso.

How Do I Prepare For My Piercing(s)?

Make sure you've eaten in the last few hours.
Be in good health!
Come in when you have time to spend with us - we want to carefully select your jewelry and create the perfect piercing experience for you.
Bring your government-issued photo ID.
Check out our Aftercare page to make sure you can follow through because we want your piercings to be happy and healthy :-)

Are You Under 18 Years Old?

Here is what we need from you and your parent / legal guardian:

Parent / legal guardian must be present and have government issued photo ID with matching last name or address.

Without matching last name or address, here is what we need:

Photo ID (unless under 13 years old) and one of the following:
A. Birth certificate or
B. Tax form showing child as a dependent or
C. Insurance card with both names on it.

How Do I Take Care Of My Piercing?

Your 3 keys to smooth healing!


No touching, turning, twisting or sleeping on it.

No beauty products.


Warm shower once a day to rinse away debris.

No soaps directly on the piercing area.

No Q-tips or cloth towels.


Right after rinsing in the shower, apply a short spray of 0.9% Sterile Saline on each side of the piercing as a final rinse.

How Much Do Piercings Costs?

Our pricing for piercings are:

One Piercing = $35

Two Piercings = $55

Three Piercings = $75

*This is the piercing fee only, jewelry is additional. We do this so that you have access to the largest selection of our implant grade body jewelry choices available for you new piercing(s)!

Meet Our Piercer Jena

Born and raised in Northern Nevada, Jena started her piercing career in 2012. Over the years, the world of body piercing led her on a journey for knowledge and information - from the body modification industry, to spirituality, to the relationships between people.

Seven years later, Jena's settled in to the Pacific Northwest, stoked to help make the Portland area shine!

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872 reviews
Love it

I had been eyeballing a pair of stone ends like these for a while and finally caved. Very glad I did. The ends are so shiny and pretty and well made and now I’m set.

..Piercing - Nostril
Great experience

I had such a great experience at Avanti!! Jenna did my nose piercing and it could not have gone better. Everything was clean and professional. I will definitely go back.

Piercing - Eyebrow

Piercing took VERY well. Looks great. Did lose the ball the next day but I found it and put it back on. Very happy.

Amazing simple Beaded leroi ring

Oh my, I am honestly so in love with this piece! It’s hard to think of what to wear when I can change it out because it’s so beautiful!

..Piercing - Lobe
Third lobe piercing!

My piercing was done by Erika, who informed me well on aftercare and is a great piercer. The entire staff is great and answer any questions you might have. Overall it's been a month now and the healing is going great. :)