14k Gold 18g Genuine Diamond Nose Stud

If you've been on the hunt for a genuine diamond nose stud, look no further because you've found the mother-lode. With your choice of diamond size, color of 14K gold, and three different backings, there's a little something for everyone with this gorgeous diamond nose stud.

These genuine diamonds are all SI clarity* and G in color. These babies sparkle like nobody's business and you'll be getting compliments every time you go out! Sizes range from 1.5mm, which is just a little smaller than the standard gem size you see on most nose rings, to 3mm for a real statement.

Nose Screw: 

One of the most familiar pieces of nose jewelry, the nose screw has stood the test of time. The curved backing is simple to put in and very secure. This is a great shape if you're prone to losing your jewelry and want to make sure your beautiful diamond will stay put.

Nose Bone:

Another familiar style, the nose bone is loved by many. With just a little bump on the end to keep it in, there's no fuss with metal in your nose. Nose bones can be easy to lose, though, so we suggest these only for people who have had success with nose bones in the past.

An 18g nose ring is a bit thicker than a standard nose ring, so if you're looking for something thinner, try our 20g selection.

Please contact us at (503) 620-0110 orhello@avantibodyjewelry.com for more details or custom requests.

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Gorgeous 2mm Nose Bone

I rec'd my nose bone and it's just perfect. I kept getting hypertrophic scarring until I switched out to gold.
I'm so glad.

Great product

Great product

The jewelry piece was lovely

The jewelry piece was lovely but I couldn’t get it to go into my nostril. I should have went with the nose bone instead. I gave it a four stars because I never received a response email that I sent. I wanted to know when they would have the 18k Nose bone available for shipping if I ordered but no reply. Disappointing

Hi Chas! Wanting to reach out and see if I can help. We now carry beautiful threadless diamonds where the post stays in the piercing and the top slides into the post. They are absolutely wonderful! https://avantibodyjewelry.com/collections/threadless-jewelry Happy to help with any questions :-)
Had to go get it

Had to go get it fitted because the bar was short and kept sliding down. Other than the loose fit, it looks great!

I absolutely love it! I

I absolutely love it! I bought the 3mm because I'm all about the bling. It's so beautiful and it's a decent quality diamond. I have a second piercing in my nose and I will buy the 2mm diamond once it's healed!

Sabirah Na'eelah

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Love it

I had been eyeballing a pair of stone ends like these for a while and finally caved. Very glad I did. The ends are so shiny and pretty and well made and now I’m set.

..Piercing - Nostril
Great experience

I had such a great experience at Avanti!! Jenna did my nose piercing and it could not have gone better. Everything was clean and professional. I will definitely go back.

Piercing - Eyebrow

Piercing took VERY well. Looks great. Did lose the ball the next day but I found it and put it back on. Very happy.

Amazing simple Beaded leroi ring

Oh my, I am honestly so in love with this piece! It’s hard to think of what to wear when I can change it out because it’s so beautiful!

..Piercing - Lobe
Third lobe piercing!

My piercing was done by Erika, who informed me well on aftercare and is a great piercer. The entire staff is great and answer any questions you might have. Overall it's been a month now and the healing is going great. :)