BVLA | Mercury Mist Topaz Slim Line Navel Ring

The classic navel ring. Timeless and versatile. 

Hand-crafted out of solid 14K nickel-free  Gold, this belly ring holds an ethereal and iridescent Mercury Mist Topaz gem. BVLA creates the most low-profile piece with their slim bezel settings to ensure maximum comfort and each piece is hand-polished to a mirror finish, rendering this 14k gold belly ring perfect for everyday wear. And with something like this in your piercing, who would want anything else? 

Like all other BVLA pieces, this topaz belly button ring comes backed with a lifetime warranty. 

  • Made in the USA 
  • 14g post is 3/8" in length
  • Customizable

Questions or concerns? Want to create your own custom BVLA piece? Let us know

Made-to-order! Shipping could take 6-8 Weeks.



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Okay so I have to

Okay so I have to admit that I thought I'd write my review upon receipt of my navel ring. I've had it for over a week now and I'm just sitting down to tell you my thoughts. Why? Well here goes. I expected this piece to be pretty, but I was blown away when I opened the jewelry box and the spotlight illuminated this beautifully crafted piece of art. I immediately began to question whether or not my belly was worth of such a ring and started a 30 day crunch challenge for a more favorable area in which to display it (LOL). Seriously though, if you're looking for an exceptionally lovely, and high quality navel ring from a business with customer service to die for...this is the one! You won't regret this purchase!

Awww, Leesa this is so sweet!! Don't let that negative self talk stop you from enjoying such an incredible piece of body art ;-) I am so happy you took the plunge, you are worth it! Thank you so very much, you are an incredible person :-)
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I love my stud and the way it sits perfectly on my nose. I was worried about it being too small or not noticable and looking like a pimple but it truly is the perfect fit!

Piercing - Eyebrow
Brow piercing

Amazing people in the shop and awesome at their job!!

Amazing service and clean environment

Erika was the most professional yet down to earth person. She made me feel so comfortable about getting my piercing. It was one of the most painless experiences and honestly didn't hurt. I've heard getting your daith pierced hurts like heck. I don't know how she did it but it never once throbbed or got infected. I was even able to sleep on it that very night. I will never go anywhere else for piercings again. Bravo Erika! Bravo!!

Purchased for our 1 year

Purchased for our 1 year old. Piercer was sweet enough to change out her jewelry for free(NOT PIERCE.) staff is always amazing. Her ears are much happier with these than the standard.

Piercing - Flats
I absolutely love my new

I absolutely love my new piercing. I am so happy that she convinced me to get the Flat instead of the forward helix like I planned. I cant wait until I can get the other two, to make it a triple flat. The jewelry I purchased with it is amazing as well, I love the color selection.