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    Jewelry Trends & Ideas To Try Based On Your Birthstone

    The world of jewelry is a big, beautiful place. With trending styles, accessory types, and various colors - it can be tough to decide what to wear next. Why not embrace your unique birthstone as you invest in a new piece of jewelry? 

    Many cultures believe birthstones have healing and protective powers. And scholars trace the idea of designating a gemstone to birth months to 18th century Poland. All this to say, wearing a birthstone is rooted in history and meaningful significance. 

    No matter your birthstone, we’ve got you covered with jewelry that’ll add sparkle to your life.

    Birthstone Chart: Colors and Stones  

    For easy reference, here’s a birthstone chart to find out which birthstone matches your birth month. 






















    Pink Tourmaline




    Blue Topaz

    Find out which jewelry trend you need to try based on your birthstone

    Garnet (January)

    Threaded 14K Yellow Gold Helena End

    January babies - add these gorgeous Threaded 14K Yellow Gold Helena End pieces to your collection. They have a bold look with an antique twist you can wear all year round with every look. Shop it now. 

    Amethyst (February)

    Stone Plugs | Amethyst Plug Pair

    If you wear plugs, try these Amethyst Stone Plugs. They’re bold and vibrant with a smooth, sleek finish. Shop it now. 

    Aquamarine (March)

    Gorilla Glass | Aqua Cocoon Weights

    Stunning with just the right amount of shine - these aquamarine Gorilla Glass Aqua Cocoon Weights will add a little spice and a lot of color to every look. Shop it now.

    Diamond (April)

    Threadless 14k Gold Triple Diamond Marquis Fan Ends

    It doesn’t get more classic than these Threadless 14K Gold Triple Diamond Marquis Fan Ends.  They’re the perfect, versatile accessory you’ll never get tired of wearing. Shop it now.

    Emerald (May)

    Quetzalli | Translucent Enamel Hoop Hangers

    For jewelry that’s truly a piece of art, look no further! These Translucent Enamel Hoop Hangers are made with vibrant emerald and deep blues and purples with a gorgeous gold border. Shop it now. 

    Alexandrite (June)

    Threadless Bezel Set Gem Top

    While this Threadless Bezel Set Gem isn’t exactly Alexandrite- this gorgeous piece emulates the gemstone in color and style. Shop it now.

    Ruby (July)

    Steel Prong Ruby Gem Navel Ring

    For a ruby-like statement piece, try this Steel Prong Set Gem Navel Ring - it’s bold, sexy, and oh-so-beautiful. Shop it now.

    Peridot (August)

    Threadless 14k Rose-Cut Peridot Tops

    If you were born in August, you’ll be obsessed with these Threadless 14k Rose-Cut Peridot Tops. The color is unique and stunning, like you!  Shop it now.

    Sapphire (September)

    Threadless Trinity Gem Cluster Top

    We can’t get enough of these dainty and boldly colored Threadless Trinity Gem Cluster Tops. A beautiful sapphire piece that will complement your outfit, day or night. Shop it now.

    Pink Tourmaline (October)


    Prong Pink Tourmaline Earring Studs


    It doesn’t get much cuter than these Prong Set Pink Gem CZ Earring Studs! They’re perfect for everyday wear - with a sweet and delicate touch. Shop it now. 

    Topaz (November)

    Threadless 14k Genuine AAA White Topaz Tops

    Keep things timeless with a nod to your November birth month with these Threadless 14k Genuine AAA White Topaz Tops. Gorgeous and understated.  Shop it now.

    Blue Topaz (December)

    Threadless 14k Gold Paraiba Topaz Ends

    Bold and beautiful, December babies will gravitate towards these absolutely stunning Threadless 14k Gold Paraiba Topaz Ends with blue topaz. Shop it now.

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