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    Body Gems - 20 Years of Hand Crafted Gold Body Jewelry

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    Body Gems is a family business that was founded in 1994. The Collins family has been in the jewelry business since the mid 1970s. The vision of Body Gems came from Jack Collins who witnessed a line out the door of a local piercing studio in 1994. Jack noticed the type of metal they were using in everyone’s piercings and told his son Scott that they should make all of the basic styles in gold. (Light bulb moment)
    Scott went on to make Captive Bead Rings, Straight Barbells, Curved Barbells, and Circular Barbells in 14kt gold. Scott began to provide local studios with gold body jewelry. This was not an easy feat as many studios were not interested in gold at that time for piercings. Scott hit the road, knocked on doors and introduced the Body Gems line in person to hundreds of studios across America for a few years in the 90s. He continued to put his heart and soul into the business into the mid 2000’s. Since the beginning, Body Gems has released about 10 catalogs and now ships “Gold Body Jewelry With Style” all over the world.
    In 2001 Scott’s youngest son Josh joined the Body Gems team. Since then, Josh has taken over and runs Body Gems with the assistance of his mother/Scott’s wife Cheryl.


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