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    EP028: Ann's Story of Transformation

    “At the end of the day, your piercing should be for yourself and not for anyone else!” - Ann

    “It's nice to get to know more people and be able to help them.” - Ann

    Photo by Ann Walton

    Jessica: Yeah.

    Ann: But a co-worker of mine, all of a sudden, she just reached up under her nose and flipped down her septum and I was like, Oh my gosh, you're so lucky. I should have got my septum done while I was still in school so that I wouldn't have to worry about taking it out for work. She's like no as long as you don't flip it up and down too much during the healing process, then you're fine and so I got my septum done and then really the piercer who told me she's like, just leave it up as long as you can. So I was really good about not flipping it up and down too much during the healing process. Well obviously when a piercing is healing, you want to leave it alone freaking entirely. [inaudible 7:36] like that.

    Jessica: Yeah.

    Ann: That's my advice to them but I'm not a piercer.

    Jessica: Oh no, you're good.

    Ann: Well, I was really happy that---I think that's why a lot more people are getting septum now because I think a lot of people kind of have this inner like, I want to be pierced and cool but again, they have a bunch of worry like me, what will my family think? What will my friends, what will my job think? But what I really liked about the septum is that you can hide it and so you can flip it up for business and then flip it down for party.

    Jessica: I like to tell people that the septum, similar piercings exactly for that reason and I think I've said it in so many of these videos. I am like septum is the symbol of piercings because it is.

    Tether Jewelry | 'Chevronelle' Septum Cuff

    Tether Jewelry | 'Echo' Septum Cuff

    Tether Jewelry | 'Echo' Septum Cuff

    “I actually wasn't planning on getting in on anything pierced but I kind of have this shiny ball syndrome where I see jewelry and then I want it!” - Ann

    “It's always fun. I see it as a collaborative art project.” - Jessica

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