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Glassheart is the creation of artist and designer Annemarie Hoffman, and her insatiable longing for perfection and beauty. Glassheart’s main production studio is based right here in Portland, Oregon, USA and employs a talented crew of skilled and highly trained artists. The glass ear plugs from Glassheart Studio is made with borosilicate, laboratory grade glass, also known in America as Pyrex. She discovered that Pyrex glass was an ideal material to use for the stretching process because of its biocompatible, nonporous, and hypoallergenic nature. The raw glass colors are sourced locally, and most of the glass comes from locations within a 15-mile radius of the studio.
Annemarie's designs, with such a variety of rich colors, perfectly fit a niche in the expanding glass body jewelry market and provide a bridge for those contemplating the process of stretching their ears for the first time. The availability of these Pyrex jewelry in sizes as small as 14 Gauge also creates an elegant solution for individuals with allergies to metals.
The Glassheart Studio standard for simple design and form has been instrumental in creating glass ear plugs that are more than just mere adornment; this unique jewelry can influence a transformation in the personality of the wearer and modify the way the wearer is perceived by those around them.

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