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Stone Plugs | Amethyst Plug Pair

Stone Plugs | Amethyst Plug Pair

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Amethyst has a modern day spiritual connotation associated with spiritual protection and purification. A violate variation of quartz, it is name originates from Greece, where it was named originally after its belief to protect the wearer from drunkenness or intoxication. Beyond its modern or historical applications, the gorgeous purple hue holds a special meaning for quite a few people as the birthstone for February. Regardless of your reasons for wearing it, be it spiritual, personal or just because purple is YOUR color; we know there is something special about these semi precious plugs.

  • Single flare plugs are awesome for dead stretching and have a longer wearable surface
  • Double Flare (Concave) are perfect for thicker earlobes, where as Short Saddle are ideal for lobes of average thickness.

Item available on a made to order basis for your flexibility.
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